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Thanks for reading, it probably means you want to make a difference !

We are working hard, towards Green, Eco Friendly & Sustainable Responsible Tourism.

We favour an environmental approach to energy consumption and use of natural resources through the use of products & energy awareness that consider all aspects of conservation.

Installing hi tech efficient central hot water system to reduce our usage of natural gas, water and reduce our carbon imprint. We encourage our guests to be aware of helping with usage of water. The new system we installed reduced our gas / power consumption by approx 40% ! We also installed stainless steel efficient storage tanks that will 20 + years vs glass lined tanks that last less than 10 years and end up in the land fill.

Using eco friendly “local” products for our laundry systems. Use of High Efficiency washer and dryer systems that use less water and less electricity. Biodegradable cleaning agents made with natural ingredients from a local manufacturer !

Carpet cleaning products are made by a local company as well. They developed a stain removal product that requires rinsing with only hot water and no PH balancing chemical that can reside in the carpets after cleaning and going down the drain affecting our local water treatment plant.

Green Housekeeping – Through direct communication and consultation with our guests we have realized that over 90% of all guests do not want daily housekeeping. Several years ago we lowered our prices. We now offer our guests the choice of paying for daily housekeeping vs providing it every day at higher rates. Fact is that people at their own homes will re use their towels for several days, the same goes for changing the sheets. This has allowed us to keep our rates lower and provide eco friendly services to our guests. Lets go Green !

Environmental approach to accommodation, water, laundry, waste management, including recycling, reusing and composting, purchasing items with limited packaging and using recycled paper in all office and mailing materials.

We have a recycling room where our guests can dispose of bottles, cans, paper, cardboard in a responsible manner, our staff sorts and processes the materials responsibly. We make regular trips to the recycling center.

Sensitive wildlife observation practices for our bird watching that include keeping a respectful distance to minimize noise and stress, enjoy our birds, there are an abundance of beautiful birds that both live and migrate on our natural setting.

Open discussion is welcome between guests & locals as a means of involving local communities in both the cultural and economic benefits of eco tourism.

Purchasing local organic products when available and items such as coffee, tea and chocolate through fair trade wholesalers to ensure that money spent supports the local communities and considers our environment.

Maintenance of our grounds considers every aspect of conservation and consideration of our natural setting. Our watering system is on for a short period in the night allowing water to penetrate and provide the needed amount reducing unnecessary evaporation that happens if systems are on during the heat of the day.

Any appliances that are replaced are always energy efficient approved products. Electronic items that become dated are sent to the recycling center, they are either taken apart and reused, given to the needy, or even shipped to other countries.

Heating our underground parkade in the winter to prevent pipes from freezing. We set to the lowest setting to reduce energy costs and lower our carbon imprint. Once spring has come the heating system is turned off.

We have automatic fans that move air in the underground parkade, they are not on all the time but react to vehicles coming and going in accordance with carbon monoxide regulations.

When we put new furnishings into our suites we consider the supplier, quality and how they affect the environment. Our used furniture that is no longer needed is either sold at a low price or recycled by donating to a worthy cause.

Our Wine Tour Guide encourages education on Organic growers and Eco friendly wine making practices.

We want to make a difference! Please do your part to help 🙂

Thanks to the many “Eco Friendly” guests

Your efforts & comments are greatly appreciated !!!